rv, trailer in town park?

can anyone tell me whether you can have an rv or trailer in town park? it has been a while since my momma has gone and am planning a trip for her next year! yeah! we have a trailer and was wondering where the best place would be…any info would be awesome! thanks!


:wave You will need to get a vehicle pass from Planet Bluegrass for your Mom’s trailer. They are available by lottery only which will happen in early November. Check out the Town Park Lottery info at : Town park lottery info

Get that request in for the lottery. RV camping spaces in Town Park are at a huge premium.

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P.S. How’d I do Dustin?

Good job Jerry! :thumbsup


Good job. I’d add that if you are looking to bring something over 24 feet in size, it won’t be allowed in Town Park. You’ll need to get a “coonskin RV pass”…which should go on sale with the other tickets in early December.


Thanks so much!!!