RV Limitations

Looking in to my options right now. I have a 35’ RV and I saw the restriction was 28’… my question is how strict that policy is and who I can talk to about making an exception before I drive from illinois! Thank you in advance for your help.

You might try calling Planet Bluegrass. They’re real friendly and here to help. I can’t answer any RV questions. Is that length for the TP vehicle pass, or for the Lawson Hill RV sites?

The 28’ was for Lawson Hill.

The length I saw for TP is 24’ with no exceptions… do people bring RVs in to TP normally? I went for Ride Fest and it seemed a little tight for RVs in TP.

If your rig was 29’ or 30’ you might be able to get away with it, but 35’ is well beyond the limit.

As far as Town Park goes they are very strict, and there’s a limit of 30 vehicle passes sold through the lottery, so they’re extremely hard to acquire.

I wouldn’t advise traveling from Illinois without a backup plan in place. :thumbsup

Thanks for the quick response! I appreciate both of you, you’ve been very helpful.

We lucked out with a TP camping pass and vehicle pass; this will be our first experience at TBF for the family (we’ve wanted to go for years) - three little boys and a baby girl. SO EXCITED!!! Are there electric and water hookups for the RV? We’re new at this. :lol

Nope! No hook-ups whatsoever, and no, you’re not allowed to run your generator.
There are electrical outlets by the bath house for charging phones and such, but that’s it.
And there is a water spigot near there as well.