Run a Muck - Check in

:wave Welcome home Run a Muckers…

I arrived home yesterday afternoon after a most relaxing Post Bluegrass decompression trip. Mika the wonder dog has not let me out of her sight since we got home. She had a wonderful time on a mountaintop in the Santa Lucia range near Monterrey where the dogs had free range of the terrain 24/7. Sorta sounds like the Run a Muck Camp at TBF 2007 :lol :lol :lol

Thank you to one and all for making this the best TBF experience I’ve had to date.

Please check in here and let us know you arrived home safe and sound, wherever that may be.

Peace n Love

Hippie Jerry :cheers

Hey Jerry! I am still in Tucson visiting my beautiful sister, and will arrive home in Maine on the fourth. Thanks so much for helping make my first TBF such an amazing experience. much love!

Still in Albuquerque, though I am going to hit the road tomorrow morning for Grand Canyon country. Then, it’s off for a day and a night in Vegas to experience that flavor of madness.

Hi Jerry.

Daniela and I made it home about 3 hours after leaving (stop groaning!).

Check out the photos at

I apologize in advance for the pic of you sleeping.

Run a Muck, thanks for all the hospitality. And a big thanks to Hooch and Daniela for the ride from GJ to Telluride. more pics and shows soon.

Really fun folks to meet and share a tarp with - thanks for that
Unique cuizine, I hear the spaghetti sauce is out of this world
Never a dull moment at camp

Amazing kitchen set up and equally fine chefs

Music driven
Unbelievable food and home brew
Creative tent/tarpology with a one of a kind camp environment
Kind, Krazy, Kreative Krewe of Kreatures that kollaborate to kreate a killer kamp.

:wave :wave :wave :wave :wave :wave :wave :wave :wave :wave :wave :wave :wave :wave :wave :wave
So much fun to meet the new friends I’ve met through the forum. A little strange to connect so fast with people all over the place, tarp to tarp, festivarian forum folk were everywhere.
Sarah did a fabulous job as virgin enthusiast and ABGATer.
Hope came in and was only new in the books, you were there long before you got there.
Hooch’s yummy hooch was inspiring and I can’t wait to try that again
Daniella, thanks for the kind moment amidst the toe jobs
AJ and Connie - what a force of friendly fun
Spoogie, aka Cody aka Chris, the local wood nymph gone bad, and you play the banjo? mando?
Ron - well you just take whatever you can get and go with it. Sorry the body shots never manifested (shut up ron)
Karlos, what a captain, you did well going with the flow and flowing as you go
Hippie, you’re the scarecrow

Thanks for all your efforts and what a pleasure to meet you’all and remeet those I already knew.

Hey Jerry-
Just finished 4 loads of laundry & all my dresses are soaking in the sink.
Did my radio show this morning.

I’m repacking for High Sierra - leaving on Wed.

Thanks for a great Telluride. See you at Hardly Strictly.

Awww Shucks - I always wanted to be the cowardly lion.

I could while away the hours, conferrin’ with the flowers
Consultin’ with the rain.
And my head I’d be scratchin’ while my thoughts were busy hatchin’
If I only had a brain.
I’d unravel every riddle for any individ’le,
In trouble or in pain.
With the thoughts you’ll be thinkin’ you could be another Lincoln
If you only had a brain.
Oh, I could tell you why The ocean’s near the shore.
I could think of things I never thunk before.
And then I’d sit, and think some more.
I would not be just a nothin’ my head all full of stuffin’
My heart all full of pain.
I would dance and be merry, life would be a ding-a-derry,
If I only had a brain.
Ohh! Wonderful!
Why, if our scarecrow back in Kansas could do that, the crows’d be scared to pieces!
They would?
Where’s Kansas?

I have been hoping for one of Jerry’s waffles since 2002 and still have yet to have one, but at least I can say I went up and looked at one this year! They were beautiful. Everything and eveyone one in Camp Run A Muck was beautful, for that matter. Such a pleasure to wander up there and be in your company. Thanks for the late night coffee and the place in the shade when the heat was too unbearable for me.


:wave We made it home safe after about 10 hrs drive and hid inside for 1 day of decompression and then it was back to work for me!

Luanna…i think we might be able to have Jerry’s waffles at HSBF if we are good! I can personally say from experience that they are heavenly! (especially with strawberries!) :angel


My thanks go out to you and Telluride Tom and to everyone for such a welcoming experience for my first year at TBF. I will surely be back next year, though I will probably pace myself better rather than cram it all into one week!! :slight_smile:

I got home safely to Connecticut, though i seem to have been bitten by a bug - I just can’t sit still now waiting for next year.


what can I say?? I’ve been at work work for 3 days now and still suffering from re-entry sickness!! I’ll dream about you all until we meet again. :drive

I’m still in the decompression mode, but looking forward to Rockygrass.
It was a wonderful year at Telluride and I enjoyed meeting all the festivirgins. :flower
Today I sat on my deck listening to old vinyl John Hartford just to get into the festivarian spirit again, and it worked. :cheers
Looking forward to the rest of the year, and the possibility of making more new friends next year. :medal

Bluegrass Rules! :thumbsup

Jerry …Deb gives her hugs for all that helped me out this year
and will be passing em out next year IN PERSON
she was amazed as we all were at the whole kitchen set up
But She will not be a kitchen wench , seeing how Im the “Wench”
at home …So double duty for me next year …hmmm me under Hope ?
ok …Shut Up Ron

I will be working on Pic Cd’s next weekend
send me your addresse’s…off list at

Hi all,

Just wanted to let you all know that after an amazing road trip back to Denver Samantha and I arrived home safely yesterday. I have been in a foul mood since I stepped onto the plane!!! lol

I also wanted again, to thank everyone in Run A Muck (and everyone else we met) for making Samantha and I feel so welcome. We could never have imagined what an amazing experience we had with you all. This festival was something that we will never forget and an experience we will always hold close to our hearts.

Thank you all,

Sam & Samantha

:wave Like Connie Said we made it back in about ten hours. Id like to say that was the best dang Festival/Gathering/Party Thingy iv ever been to. Wanted to thank AJ and Connie for bringing me. And in no particular order Ron, Carolyn, Eric, Michell, Hippie Jerry, Unseen Bean Jerry, Daniel, T.Tom The Grand Mayor of Town Park, Ma and Pa, Byron, Luanna, Miss Courtness aka Courtny, Hooch, Daniella, Sam, Samantha, Tom, Sarah, Santo, Talon, Spoota!!, PRIMITIVE MAN, Mimi, Ken, Kenny, Hurricane M., Adam, Hope, Anne aka Semi charmed, David, Teressa, Bolder Dave, Evil James, Joey, Rand, Dwain, Gary, Pete, Timmy, Rich, Rick, Kerri, Pirate Larry, Captain Carlos. The list goes on. But at the moment the little duders brain doesnt :lol
Your Friend, Chris

Hi everyone,
Checking in after not checking the forum for a few days. Hope and I arrived back at my house around 10:30pm Monday, unpacked my car, re-packed hers, and the next morning I was off to work, and Hope was off to her new life in Wisconsin. Fortunately I like my job and it has kept me very busy, but all the while planning for and holding onto going to RockyGrass and seeing Karlos, Hooch, and Daniella again, and Erndog as well. Another taste of the good life!
I am also in decompression mode. Made a wreck of my house while packing and moreso while unpacking. I have been listening to the CDs I brought home with me (Stringdusters, Crooked Still, Sam Bush, and the fabulous CD Punchy gave me of homegrown South Carolina bluegrass) almost non-stop.
I miss you all, new friends and old. What a memorable experience. It’s hard to not be able to talk (or at least explain) to my good friends here in Denver what transpired. I just kind of smile, and say I have lots of pics to show you. They’ll never know until I can talk them into coming some time! :wink:
Many of you asked me about where semicharmed came from, and here’s a perfect example: I was on my way to an appointment for work on Wednesday morning, and while getting off the freeway and looking left for traffic while moving right to merge on the street, I rear-ended someone in a big ol’ (and old) Ford F250 with a hitch. I could see my hood was very bowed upward and thought oh no, my '95 Accord is totaled - it wouldn’t take much damage for it not to be worth fixing. I followed him onto the first side street, stopped and then sat with my hands over my face, afraid to get out and look. I can’t afford another car right now.
This wonderful man came up to my window and said “It’s ok, you can look, it’s not that bad! This is my work truck and you barely scratched me! I’m more worried about you!” And sure enough, the damage to his truck was nil, and the damage to my car was minimal, my hood was dented and very bowed and wouldn’t latch, which my neighbor helped me fix that night. To wit: even when bad stuff happens to me, it seems it usually has a good side. Thus: semicharmed :flower I think it was also Festival-love that carried over and kept me safe that morning.
Thank you to everyone who shared a part of those 10 days with me, you all made it special in some way. You all have an open invitation to visit Denver and crash on my extra bed. I think that Hope can attest it’s not bad for a pull-out! I don’t think I can afford Hardly Strictly this year but I hope I see you all next year at Festival. I’m holding on to that hope too :slight_smile:
All the best,
Zee semicharmed one

[quote author=Courtney link=topic=1380.msg12635#msg12635 date=1183172539]
[Spoogie, aka Cody aka Chris, the local wood nymph gone bad, and you play the banjo? mando?

Really i play the Guitar first, Banjo second, Mando Third i just picked it up :thumbsup

I’ve spent the last week decompressing too. This weekend I finished putting everything away and cleaning up from the festival. Tonight I finally removed my wrist band, shaved off the semi-beard, and unpainted my toenails. Hell, you spend a year waiting, months planning, and weeks packing so you can’t possibly undo all that in just a couple days, right? I think Planet Bluegrass should employ counselors to help us deal with Post-Festival Depression and to help us to re-integrate back into society after each festival.

I just want to reiterate again how great it was to meet everyone:

Kaptain Karlos and Hippie Jerry were great headstones to Run-A-Muck, and damn you Jerry…you’ve ruined me for life with your Captain Morgan and Coffee!!!

Auntie Hope went to great lengths to pull off a superior practical joke that did not quite go as planned. Your efforts did not go unnoticed nor unappreciated, Hope. And a little red hippo has been added to the music memorabilia decor of my humble home. And thanks for smacking me square in the groin with one of those things!

AJ and Chris/Cody: Thanks for the generosity as well as the entertainment of watching the “Volcano” in action. And who would have thought that a magnifying glass and the sun could be used for anything more than burning leaves and ants when we were kids?

To Ron: Thanks for being the first one to stick a home brew in my hand when Daniela and I showed up the first night. And the mead was exquisite. And…ahem…thanks for the hugs.

Telluride Tom: Thank you for taking the time to give Daniela and I a pre-festival Town Park tour as well as for all your time planning and organizing this board and the pre-fest events. And…nice hat! Do I still owe you a beer? I think I do.

To all the Run-A-Muck girls: Woo Woo!!! Shake it, Baby!!

Courtney: Thanks for the great patches. You missed my toes!

LuAnna: Thank you for the button. Now I shall never forget my fake name…no matter how many shots of tequila I do.

Sam Bush: Thanks for taking a stroll down Main Street on Monday afternoon and being one of the last sights we saw as we rolled out of town.

Duktape Man: I would have bet anything that you could not have gotten 4 people into that sleeping bag! You crazy guy!

And to everyone: I know I don’t need to say it, but thank you for making the Sam’s feel welcome. They really had a lot of faith in us to make the long pilgrimage from jolly old England based on our incessant peer pressure. And I know they left with much more than they expected to receive.

I’m sure I’ve missed dozens of other "Thank You"s but I can always go back and edit more in later. For now I’ll post it and re-visit it as needed.

I’m in Charlotte, NC and have landed safely!
I spent the week of July 4th with friends in Wisconsin, did a small tour of Iowa (huh?) and headed back East again (where the gas is cheaper and the gas mileage is better).

Catching up on my sleep, catching up with old friends and hope to catch up with new friends from Telluride very soon. Totally jealous of everyone headed to Rockygrass and after speaking with Christie after High Sierra, I’ll have to agree, Planet Bluegrass does it the BEST!

So many thanks to get to, and that will happen in days to come, but just wanted to send out a heartfelt THANKS to Anne (semicharmed314) for the pep-talk before I left Florida and taking over the driving when I arrived at her place. It was a much needed break after four days on the road to Denver, and then again after 10 days in Telluride back to Denver. I will also take this moment to attest to the comfort of Anne’s pull-out extra bed because it is VERY comfortable!!! Great pillows too! :thumbsup You’re the BEST ANNE! :medal Hoping we can do it again, if not soon then next year for sure!

Oh, and for the record…

Run-A-Muck Rocks Telluride Bluegrass Like No Other Camp In Town Park!!!

Love You and Miss You ALL Very, Very Much!
Auntie Hope

(The pictures will be shared as soon as I find the cord for the camera. It seems to be burried in some deep dark place in the car!)