Run A Muck 5/23/09

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Thanks John !!!

:hop :hop :hop Can I just leave RIGHT NOW? :hop :hop :hop


Not nearly as much snow around as I expected. These pictures get me fired up!

Lets Go !

Be still my heart! :love

Thanks, John! :thumbsup

Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green

Hell yes, it’s a balmy 41 degrees there right now. Unfortunately it is almost twice that here (80)!

I flew in on Tuesday, Denver was 90. warmer than where I live in Fla same day.

nice to see the Aspens with big fat leaves, that usualy means an early summer in the Rocky’s. 3 weeks and counting!!!

Kongar this afternoon


Nice pics, John! See you in a few weeks. And I’ve picked out my tent spot in your pics so the rest of you festi-squatters keep your distance!

You know if some one fries bacon, you won’t be able to resist…, you could lose your spot

A Fresh Bottle of Hooch and he will be sucking his thumb … passed out , under a Tree !

Curse you all for knowing my kryptonite!!

HMMM?? I wonder what bacon flvored hooch would do to hooch?? he’d probably be up in the tree hanging by his heels passed out and suckinig his thumb?

Dare I say what else is new …

Hey Rick ??? You up for a spaghetti feed in Run a Muck? I’ll grill the meatballs.


I think he picked up those hels last year from the Free Box right about the time he found the Lamp Shade. :lol

Wow - I thought Ron got there early. Looks like John R has the jump on everyone! Thanks for the pics, John!

I’ll be making an appearance at Camp Run-a-Muck again…thanks to Auntie Hope for last year when I arrived at the festival solo for my first Telluride experience, she took me under her wing, found me a great spot in Run-a-Muck and I hooked her up with a free Yonder Mountain ticket for the conference center! I was the red head!! I’ll have extra tickets again this year for you Run-a-Muck troops! See you on Sunday or Monday!

Didn’t Telluride Tom do that at Rum Balls! a few years ago? :lol


Oh… and Thanks a bunch for the pictures John R… see ya in a few weeks!

P.S. I couldn’t resist, T-Tom.