RTD doesn't run on weekends/ Shuttles?

FYI: RTD does not run to Lyons on saturday or sunday. you should take it off your web site so you don’t leave people stranded. even when it does run to lyons, the schedule is very, very sparse. it only runs 4 times a day and stops running around 6 pm. also, you should let people know it is the Y bus, otherwise they will have a hard time finding it on the RTD web site.

have you ever considered running shuttles to and from Boulder & Lyons? this way people could connect to Denver and other places in Boulder on weekend via RTD. plus you would have less people driving from Boulder. you could even charge. that would probably make your event even greener than the “green campsite” challenge. also, this would enable a lot more people to bike. many people, myself included, are happy to bike to the the event, but are not excited about biking home on 36 in the dark.

have you had any thoughts about organized shuttles?