Roll Call

This will be my first festival in Telluride. I’ve wanted to go for years, but this was the first year I was able to make it work and I’m incredibly excited for next week to finally get here!

I was just wanting to see where everyone is coming from.

My wife and I are making the trek from Mission Viejo, CA… :cheers

Socorro, NM

Towson, MD via SWAir to Albuquerque, then onward to Telluride :cheers

Woodland Park, CO

Cape Canaveral, Fl.

Heading up from Albu-quirky for my 22nd time.

St. Louis, MO


Madison, WI for my 14th TBF!

San Francisco- this is number 10

Mpls to 2hellUride! :drive Takethe35tothe80tothe76tothe70tothe50tothe550tothe62tothe145totheWestColoradoAvetotheEastColoradoAvetoMYSUMMERSOLSTICEHOME! A measly 1275 miles. It’s the road 2hellUback that’s %@$#%$@ looong. :cheers

Denali National Park, AK

San Pedro, CA

The Dagobah System!

No…wait…Grand Junction, CO 81507!

Evergreen, CO for my 10th

Chicago. Third time’s a charm!

French Guiana

Hope Bill isn’t jealous over our 10th anniversary, Lisa :wink: :cheers

Wabasha, MN for my big 2-0! :fish

Thanks for reminding me that Marcus and I need to have “The Talk”. There is an alternate reality at festival when it comes to jealousy.

PS… Boulder, CO - just a little jaunt for me…