Rockygrass Line Numbers - Non Campers

Hoping someone may know the process this year for getting a line number if you are not camping. I read in a post below that for campers, they give out numbers at midnight the night before. We haven’t been to Rockygrass for a few years (but go to TBGF every year) and back then we arrived early the morning of the fest and were able to get a number - is that still the case? If it’s like TBGF, maybe they give it out between 7-8am?
Appreciate any info! :cheers


At Rockygrass, everyone receives a random number at midnight. Both campers and non-campers.

Normally you can get a line number the next morning from someone who has an extra number.

Festivarians may begin assembling for the next day’s line numbers no earlier than 11pm.
At around midnight, the number line will be led through the customs gate, where we will distribute random numbers and mark wristbands to show receipt of a number.
These numbers will be shuffled randomly; each person may receive no more than one number. We will mark each person’s wristband to ensure that no one receives more than one number per night.
The next morning, Festivarians should re-assemble in line-number order beginning one hour before gates. Festivarians will be admitted into the Festival in this randomly-assigned order, followed by all Festivarians without line numbers.

Thanks for the info, appreciate it! :thumbsup