Rockygrass First Timers!

Been trying to get tickets for the past five years or so and finally got them for this year along with camping at LaVern! Curious when the lineup typically gets announced.

Hey y’all ! I am a first timer too, so I figured I would attach my question to yours :smile:
I am also curious about the lineup timeline.

I have a day pass. How does securing a tarp spot work if I am not there the night before in line for the tarp lottery situation?
Also, is there a standing/dancing area?


Tarp lottery? what is that?

@sambisu @Victoria there is a “tarp line policy” at Planetary Codes — Planet Bluegrass • Colorado Music Festivals & Concerts • Lyons, CO

I’m not aware of how you would get a numbered entry ticket unless you’re there the night before (though sometimes people have extra numbers they’ll give away in line in the morning), but per the link if there’s an unused tarp it’s kosher to sit there until owner returns!

There is a standing/dancing area as well, usually on the right, including close to the stage.

Enjoy your first Rockygrass!

Hi all,

I would like (1) all weekend pass without camping please.

I have lived in San Antonio most of my life and moved to Loveland 4.5 years ago. I am moving in one month to a home just outside Lyons. This would be my first RockyGrass ever. And I play banjo.