Rockygrass Academy songbook

Hi folks :wave

I’m super excited for my first Rockygrass Academy. I downloaded the songbook and must admit that I’m not already familiar with playing some of the songs. My question - how important is it to know all/most of the songs in the songbook before arriving? Are there certain songs that either always do or usually don’t make it into rotation? Do the classes stick exclusively to the songbook or do other songs sneak in? Last (for now), does the kids camp use the same songbook?


You are going to have fun. You don’t need to be able to play everything in the songbook. My experience has been that the songbook is primarily used in the early sessions when we work on some group picking with the instructors and other campers. The instrument instruction that I’ve had at RGA has not used the songbook. It sometimes is used for the band scramble (I highly recommend you participate in this) and some folks use it in the campground as they pick with one another. It is probably a good goal to be able to lead or at least play a handful of the songs. The songbook is full of good stuff. I took the time to build a playlist to listen to of all the songs in the songbook as well as all the songs in Matt Flinner’s “The Real Bluegrass Book”. I’ve found that just being familiar with all of these songs from listening to them has been really helpful. I can’t speak to the kids camp songbook.

Excellent, thank you Stugrass. I can lead about 5 and play perhaps another 10 or 12 already, but that only gets me halfway there. I have been listening to my download setlist of all the songs and that’s been helpful. Good to know it isn’t the only material played.

For anyone wondering - I did find out that the kids songbook is different. There is little to no crossover between the two. There is a link to download it but I hadn’t noticed that when I posted.