Rockygrass 2022 Recordings

I started with the festival closer which was quite lovely. I wasn’t the only one drifting in and out of dreamland, in the best way.
This is my first RG with my new Telefunkens. I was the couch last night listening through the big speakers and it was like being there. Sound solid through the bluetooth speaker as well. Thanks for being quiet- you are the most pro audience in the world!
Would it kill you to write a little review if you enjoyed listening? Tell us a story of your experience that day? My most commonly asked question at RG was “Who do you do this for?” I do it for me and I do it for you all. I’d still do it just for me but it’s nice to know we are appreciated.

Listening to Sam last night:
Group of people: Lost Sailor! (Sam not GD, presumably)
Some other guy: Tweezer!
Sam: Well, if there aren’t any requests…

I dropped my camera on Saturday and it no longer focuses. So I ended up using the same photo for Yonder and Sam, it’s probably Sam as I think the date is 7/30. I got a new camera, it was time anyway.

Hot Rize

Punch Bros


Sam Bush

Del McCoury

Love it-any chance of bela set?

Yes. Three other tapers there as well, I’ll try to get those links too.

Any chance you got the We Banjo 3 set as well? Appreciate you!

I did not. Someone did.