RockyGrass 2012 Recordings upped anywhere?

Anymore RockyGrass 2012 anywhere yet?

Bela Fleck Traditional Set

As a noob to taping, I’m kind of surprised it’s taken this long to see more than the Fleck set up there. I thought I wasn’t looking in the right places.

But maybe it takes longer than you’d think for these things to be edited and uploaded…

Hey, man, it’s been a busy summer. I also recorded in 24/48 for the first time and didn’t realize how much extra processing that would be. Consider lastly that setlists take a long time to figure out.

Jesse McReynolds and the Virginia Boys
Sunday July 29, 2012
Lyons, Colorado

Schoeps MK41 Hypers>KCY>Tinybox w output transformers>SonyM10
7’ high left of board front 70 deg 17cm
16/44.1, recorded 24/48
EQ boost on the bass end
Recorded by Eman

  1. Sitting On Top Of The World
  2. Take Me Back Into Your Heart
  3. Head Over Heels In Love With You
  4. Okochobee Wind
  5. Blues Stay Away From Me
  6. Black Muddy River
  7. Ripple
  8. Deep Elem Blues
  9. Alabama Getaway
  10. Muhlenberg County
  11. Shenendoah Breakdown
  12. Eight More Miles To Louisville
  13. Inst
  14. Kentucky Waltz
  15. Franklin’s Tower
  16. Take Me Home

Next: Tim O’Brien- that was a tasty hot set, loved the Doc story. Don’t forget, buy the man’s CD’s. He only barely puts up with us.

If you’re taking requests after Tim (whom I missed - ACK!) I’d LOVE to have
• Bluegrass Etc.
• Punch Bros.
• Chris Thiele and Michael Daves
• Noam Pikelny and Friends

Thanks in advance!


Hi Eric,
any news on the Tim O’Brien set yet?
Thanks a million for your work (and sorry for being impatient :flower)