Road To Riches .....Ramah NM

Im opening this just cause we had so much fun
No disrespect To the Planet … no spam
just some love to the Festivarians
in our area …

Photos of the Tie Dye Party are here.

Thanks to Jen Moran for sharing these. You’ll see lots of familiar faces here, including:

The Tiki Bar crew, including the Gravy guys
Ron (aka 3D Ron) & Deb,
Flat Ron, and
Duk Tape Man and Blaze

Hey, Festi-friends!

Since recovering from my (first of many) PFSDD (post festival stress detoxification disorder), I noticed some of the photos were below-average quality… by my standards. So, I uploaded the high res photos last night. I apologize to anyone who was trying to access the album during that time.

Feel free to check it out now!

See y’all soon!! :wave

Here are a coupla festi-motivators to kick-start everyone for next year…


:wave Thanks soooooooo much for all the wonderful photos!!! It’s almost like we were there! :thumbsup

Yeaaaahhhhhhh Jen!!! :clap

Jen just went through the pics from Last Years RTR
great stuff in there !!

Thanks, Ron! That means a lot comin’ from the Flat Man. :wink:

I sent the photo link out to our Colorado family in hopes to entice them to the FC area for the gathering.
Some of the better photos from that weekend are in this thread: Road to Rich’s 2008 :drunk