Riverbend questions...

Hey Friends!

It’s been a few years since I’ve attended Rockygrass…before Riverbend was even a thing!

What is the lineup situation for RB camping? I might arrive Thursday afternoon, but it might be Friday morning…just curious how difficult it will be to find a spot and get settled. (I’m only used to the insanity of onsite!)

I also have a RB vehicle pass, but I don’t know if that affects the process. I’ve seen some discussion of folks walking in with tarps, then going back for their stuff…is there really room to park in there after Thur? I’m confused, please help! :slight_smile:


You’ll find a camping spot just fine tomorrow afternoon. Friday morning should be ok as well, though you’ll have to work a bit harder. With the parking pass you’ll be able to unload all stuff near the camping area, then you’ll park in the back of Riverbend probably 100 yards away from your camping spot.

See you around this weekend.