River Bend Campgound??

I just read about this place on the Rocky Grass forum. We drove up to Meadow Park yesterday and, indeed, there is no river access. Who do we have to bribe to get this River Bend Place open so we can cool off in the river? Pleeeeaaaaaase!


Anybody want to second this emotion? Maybe if we rally…

Okay…I am rallying!!! :cheers

Also took a look this past weekend and Meadow Park is indeed a shadow of its former self as reconstruction takes place. River Bend which appears to be private. Having said that, I’m all for the rally cry.

I had sent PB an email yesterday and they responded:

Unfortunately the River Bend Campground will not be an option for us.

The property has an event happening during the festival which will not allow us to use it.




Oh well. We’ll make the best of it anyway. Baby pools? Squirt guns? :slight_smile:

is there any other camping nearby Lyons the week before the event…fishing, hanging by the river etc

Would love to camp for a week before the music starts.

Any suggestions for a good long week camp site before moving over to Planet Bluegrass on site property

Folks usually just camp at MP, but obviously there’s no river access now. There will be people camped there anyway, but the fishing would probably be a drive up the canyon. I haven’t seen any other camping with fishing access in the area. if you just want a nice place to camp for a while, Olive Ridge has always treated us well.

The problem with MP is they are officially taken over by Planet Bluegrass on Sunday before concert. So do not believe I would be allowed to camp there without a Meadow Park ticket/bracelet.

On site camping does not open until that Thursday. So…not sure where to plant myself to camp besides the car line-up that starts over in Bohn across the street on Sunday for the on site camping which starts Thursday. And you are not allowed to camp by your car as people wait Sunday to Thursday by their cars to get a number to drive in on Thursday evening.

There’s a campground called “Camp Dick” just up the canyon from Lyons that may have availability.

I’m not sure there is much fishing to be had there, but it’s a very nice campground.


To be more exact, it’s 14 miles up the St. Vrain Canyon from Lyons to the turn for the Freak to Freak highway. From there it’s going to be another 5(?) miles to Camp Dick. All in all, I’d call it 45m for flatlanders…takes me around 30. I ought to know, it’s been my alternate commuting route since the flood (including this week as the roads in Jamestown are torn up)

If you’re camping there, I’m not sure about the immediate fishing. But you’re about 10 minutes from the Ceran St. Vrain trail, and the water levels have dropped low enough there should be some good fishing there now I think.

And once you’re at the Ceran St. Vrain, you’re 5 minutes from my front door. We no longer have fish :slight_smile:

I’ve been going to Folks Fest for about 15 years, and never heard of the River Bend campground. What is it (or what was it)?

It was a mobile park, and a lot of people’s homes.

The owners were unable to rebuild it as a mobile home park, so they have turned it into an “event center”. It was available for RG camping, but not for FF weekend.