Ride share anyone?

Hello fellow festivarians!! I am a big fan of any kind of festival and this will be my first TBF😝 I love music and meeting new friends! I am traveling solo and was curious if anyone else is coming from Denver that eoukd like to share a ride?? Anyone traveling solo that would like someone to talk to for the ride? Anyone else camping at Lawson Hill Campground?? Lets road trip together!!! Cheers Megan

I should mention I have a 4 day pass and was planning on leaving early Thursday morning! Could be flexible

Hi Megan,

My name is Heather. I live in Boulder. I am a huge fan of this festival as well. (also my first time!) My car is on the older side and I do not fully trust driving there. I don’t know many people that enjoy this music so I will be going alone as well. I am for sure down to share a ride. Email me and we can talk more. :slight_smile: heathernesselrode@gmail.com