Ride offer to Rockygrass

Hey i’m driving to Lyons from Ames IA this time on my own :eek !! Leaving after work Wed night the 27th at 10p or so, i prefer driving thorugh the night and partying in the am! I have more than enough room in my jeep liberty or on top of it : ) Chippin’ in on gas and driving would be epic. Unfortunately I can not offer a ride back, but getting there is the important part anyway. Let me know if you are interested! 515.720.2501 PEACE :sunshine

Hey Crawford,
I’ll be heading out to Lyons from Waterloo. I won’t need a ride, but I thought I’d still drop you a line. Good to see fellow Iowegians heading west. Where ya camping?

Yeah! I am excited this is my second Rockygrass and third festival in CO, gorgeous scenery. I and another fellow camper will be staying at Meadon Park. We have some friends heading in sooner so we will have our tarp down already. Where you be staying??

We’re in Meadow Park also. We’ll have a white-burgundy-green tent, with a banjo and mandolin in tow. Maybe we’ll bump into each other there.