RGA Songbook

When do we receive the User Name and Password for the Songbook and Kids Songbook?


I also tried to access this and had no luck at all… any help on this? :huh

It’s my understanding that Steve is going to try and have the Songbook, etc… up sometime next month.

He’s working diligently on getting everything (and everyone) confirmed.

We’ll post something here once it’s ready to go online.

Hope that helps.



Anxiously awaiting the RGA songbook! And really looking forward to playing the tunes for jams.

Can I get a list of tunes??? Please :slight_smile:
I will be taking the dancing classes…but I also play.

I’ve been learnin’ fiddle tunes lately, I could put some homework in before the camp if the song book is avalible before hand… How/when do you get one??

any word on this yet?

Steve at Planet Bluegrass is caught up in Telluride preparations. We probably won’t see this until after TBF. :rolleyes

Any news on when we might expect the Songbook?

Downloaded it Friday. mmmmm tasty! :pickin

I have not received mine or my kids. Should everyone have received their info by now?


ditto what pat in dairtryland said - I have also not received academy or kids camp song books. Is this something that I would have to be emailed from Rockygrass to the email I can’t get email form Rockygrass from?

Please advise - thanks



You should have gotten an email, yes…

I am a little confused by your last sentence, The song book information came from Laura Larson
If you did not receive an email with subject: RockyGrass Academy Info her email is:

If you are unable to receive email from planet bluegrass you could always call planet bluegrass.
There phone is on the contact page of www.bluegrass.com

Be sure to check your “junk mail folder” to make sure it did not go there by accident before you email :slight_smile:

Is there a separate songbook for the kids academy? There is a link to a kids songbook, but the password for the RGA songbook doesn’t work on that link.


Burned a CD for the truck and started listening. :slight_smile:

Hi - Dustin, no it’s Nate that has tried to deal with me… anyway… my mail is @ centurytel.net and apparently anyone who has that server CANNOT receive mail from PB (long story). I just got a gmail account especially to receive mail from PB yesterday. Can you email to my gmail so I can get mail?
It is ladbaker@gmail.com. Would love to download on my ipod!!! Please send! Will also call PB about sending to my new email address.

I am working on a set of lyrics and chords to go along with the mp3s. has anyone else done or is doing something like this? Maybe we could collaborate. I don’t learn well by ear, so having everything on a piece of paper I can refer to is very helpful.

When I’m done (should be this afternoon), should I post here? Or maybe anyone interested could just e-mail me (jenine@frii.com) and I’ll send it to them.

OMG, only 3 more days!!!

I would be interested in a copy. I am also thinking I will have room in truck for your bass.
It is getting very close now.