RFID Wristband Info

Hi there,

I wanted to take a moment to give some guidance on your RFID wristbands:

  • “Accidentally” tightened wristbands: If a wristband has been tightened, please bring it to Will Call and we can deactivate it and replace it (so long as you are the original purchaser and you have your ID – or you have a photo ID of the individual that you purchased the wristbands from)
  • We cannot replace your wristband if you are not the original purchaser or don’t have a photo ID of the original purchaser.
  • We cannot replace a wristband purchased from StubHub or VividSeats or any other 3rd party seller that sold you those wristbands overpriced.
  • Please do not let your kids play with your wristbands – they are not a toy.
  • Please do not tamper with the wristband in any way.
  • Please don’t put more than your own wristband on. Everyone needs to wear their own wristband – it’s not like carrying your partner/friend’s wallet for them.
  • A wristband is for your wrist only – not your ankle, please don’t put it on your ankle. We still have visual checks of the color of the wristband for entrance into TP & WF.
  • TP & WF wristbands are completely together as a package. You can not separate the RFID tag from the wristband. You cannot sell part of this package – as it is a package.
  • A 4-Day wristband is for one Festivarian to enjoy for all 4 days. It cannot be split up for different Festivarians to enjoy the same 4-Day wristband on different days. That’s why single-day tickets are sold.
  • 4-Day wristbands were shipped out and that does not include camping wristbands.
  • Camping wristbands can be picked up from the Box Office after you set up your campsite (if you so wish). You can show your camping ticket(s) to the campground host and they will allow you in to set up camp prior to getting your camping wristbands for Mary E or Lawson Hill campgrounds.

We will have a “Problem Line” at the Box Office. If you had any of the above problems with your wristband, we ask that you wait patiently in line as we deal with each festivarians different issue.

If you have any additional questions or follow-up questions, please contact us at the Planet Bluegrass office at 303-823-0848 or 1-800-624-2422

– Best to keep those wristbands in the safe envelope they came in so you can avoid the Problem Line and go enjoy yourself at the festival :wink:

We look forward to festivating with you all very soon!

Thanks for the info. Very helpful. I’ve never used wristbands with RFID in them. I assume it’s fine to shower or go in hot tubs with them on?
In less than a week I’ll be in Telluride!!!

Yes, hot tubs and showers should be fine :thumbsup