Returning after many years of absence. Can we leave yet?

Hello all!

I’m Sugar’s sibling. It’s been at least 6 years since I’ve been, possibly 7. I can’t wait to drive into that canyon again and hear the music echoing around.

I’m also very excited to meet all of you, whom I’ve heard many stories about from Sugar. I’ll be in town possibly Friday night, but definitely by Saturday morning. While I’ve been to TBF 6 times, and camped in TP once, this will be my first time at pre-fest!

Can’t wait until June!


We at RAM are all very excited to meet you!!! Cheers and see you in 5 short weeks! :cheers

Woot Woot! Welcome back Matt from the Duk tape crew :wave

Skubes is right on, only 5 weeks! Can’t wait to meet you! :cheers

We’ve met… But it’s been a long time… Will be good to see you again

Hi Matt! Welcome to the freaking party!

Four weeks, four days and just under four hours 'til we hit the road for Telluride! :drive

Oh that’s perfect! :thumbsup :lol

So what do you need for the crunchy frog?

i was trying to keep my head above the ground!!!

I can’t wait to see you!! I can’t wait to see everyone!! :hug

YAY!!! You’re coming back!!! :flower Cannot wait to see you, Val!

:wave 4 weeks, 2 days, and 420 minutes until another pilgrimage to Festivaaaal! :drive :horsey

So, the travel ban on “Sugar Siblings” has been lifted? SKOL to that! :cheers Welcome back, Matt :medal

Yeah, Have missed you Val!

An extra liver and a bar top!

There will be three of us there this year. It’s going to get crazy! Not because of anything I’m going to do, of course, but I’m just assuming! :lol :lol :thumbsup :cheers

I’d like to apologise in advance for opening this particular floodgate. Though, since it was Matt who brought me to my first TBF 10 years ago, maybe you should all be seeking an apology from my not so esteemed sibling. :cheers

Probably to stay away. Matt’s heard enough stories about the frog to know better. :cheers

That stuff is like Bright-O, makes old bodies new! :cheers

You need your Billy Beru, some Sugar, a little Hooch, open flame, and a gorilla suit…DOH! NOOOO! That’s what my therapist says to steer clear of.
I’ll just start apologizing now, I guess… :festival :bag

Hey Sugar, send me Matt’s cell number so we can drunk dial him on his drive down :devil