Remove Your post when transaction is complete

When trade is completed remove posts… makes it easier to see whats active

If you made a post a long time ago and it’s not valid any more then please go back and remove it.

If you made a post a long time ago and it’s not on the first page, then please find the original post and bump it rather than creating a new post.

Nobody is going to read through 15 pages of posts to find what they’re looking for. :evil

How can I find my post to delete? I have been looking for 30 minutes. Poor user interface…

There are several ways to access your post history but this might be the easiest:

In the top right click on your profile picture, then on the user icon (preferences), then “Summary”. Use the drop-down on the right to select “topics” and your posts will show up. Here are the 2 ISO posts you made recently:

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Hi Everyone!

We sure do appreciate everyone’s patience as we are transitioning to this new, safer forum platform.

We are awaiting support to figure out how to allow everyone to delete any post that’s no longer needed here in the Telluride Ticket Exchange / Swap section of the Festivarian Forum.

Until we find the solution to everyone being able to delete their own posts – Please just flag your post and tell me that it’s sold or you’re not looking anymore and I’ll delete it and I promise you won’t be flagged!

Thanks everyone for your patience!

  • BluegrassNat
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