Realm Festival
August 8-10th
New Castle, CO

Anyone else checking this out? We got our tix in the mail a couple weeks back and can’t wait! Looks like a gorgeous setting for a small fest, with onsite camping, and an interesting lineup! Plus, early bird tix were only $65! Currently they’re at $85, which is still kind of a steal for a three dayer!

The (very rough looking) schedule is HERE, but some of the more well known names include Great American Taxi, Rose Hill Drive, Bill Kreutzmann, Oteill Burbridge, Col Bruce Hampton, Outformation, DJ Logic, Dirty Dozen Brass Band, JJ Grey & Mofro, Shakedown Street, and the Bill McKay Band.

Should be good times!


hey aquarium, did u make it to New Castle? Let me know. 09 Realm will happen and we are looking to blow it up. Are you in CO now? looks like that was your goal. What did you think about the Festival? Would you come back?

Matt in New Castle

Hey, Matt!

I most certainly made it – and yes, living in CO. We had an absolute blast and definitely plan on making it back in 2009. Outside of one little road bump* the girlfriend and I had as we were rolling through Glenwood, it was near perfect. The venue itself is just gorgeous – location rules! We had plenty of room to spread out camping near the woods along the river and we couldn’t have asked for cooler neighbors! Obviously, a little less rain and the corresponding mud, might have made the main stage a little more pleasant and easier to get around, but that’s about my only real gripe. Staff was helpful, kind, and the layout was well planned. The music was great. GAT w/Kreutzmann was the highlight for both of us and just about everyone else we talked to!

Overall, an awesome weekend. :thumbsup

I’m guessing you’re involved in the planning?


*I say something to the effect of, ‘so this is going to be your first three day fest!’ She says something to the effect of ‘yeah, I guess so.’ I go further and mention that she hasn’t even camped out for three nights before – she says “what?” We then realize that she thought we were leaving Sunday morning, not Monday morning and she had to work on Monday! Sooooooo…things got cut a little short. :rolleyes