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I know this is really off-topic BUT someone may have some good info here… Before we leave my grandmother for our travels, I think it’s time to get her some sort of life-alert system( Dont laugh but you know “I’ve fallen and I cant get up”… Anyone have any exeperience pro/cons with any of these type of companies…

Look in your phone bok fro Senior Services in your state, or the Ombudsman’s office to see if they can give you a referal to a reliable company.

“Help I’ve tripped and I can’t come down!”
forgive me :flower I know I’m going to hell for that one but I just couldn’t resist!! :rolleyes :evil

personal alert

this is the one I found for my Dad a few years back. I can’t say anything good or bad other than they were prompt, inexpensive, and reccomended by AARP. fortunatley it was never needed so I can’t give you a review on response time and such.

I know of a great company that provides medical alarms to seniors and disabled people. They have 24 hour emergency response and free medical alarm equipment!

I’ll say unless it plays Bluegrass music or summons up Vasser Clemons…in the flesh.