Real Time

I had to share with people who would actually know what I’m talking about, so hear gos, I finally bought Real Time with Tim O’Brien and Darrell Scott!!! This excites me a lot because I’ve been wanting this album for a while and no one at my school really knows who they are, unless I’ve told them, which I have done with my friends anyway, but they still don’t understand how awesome this is to me. Just thought I’d mention it.

I love that cd too. Enjoy!

Good Choice… Darol is very cool

:wave You are so beautiful… Hello to Sam… It will be great to see you in Fishbone!

Should I start packing now?


You know it! Especially since you bring the kitchen sink! Get on it friend, you’ve got less than six months after all! :wink:

I love it when we pass hump day and the excitment begins to build. Sam hasn’t gotten the fever yet but it’s only a metter of time now. I think it was April last year. As I type that I’m realizing that of course he doesn’t because right now he’s just so excited that baseball season is around the corner.

I’m amped that this year I think my back is going to be able to manage the road trip and there are some beautiful places along the way I’ve been missing. Wahoo!

Can’t wait to see you either Hipster. :cheers