Real Jamaican music in Nederland

This Friday night at the Pioneer Inn will be Michael Black and Jah Guide Band.

This an internationally loved Reggae band from Jamaica. Michael Black grew up with and has played with some of the most renowned artist in Jamaican music. Please come out for this rare chance to experience real world music above 8,000ft.

The Pioneer Inn is located in downtown Nederland right on First Street.

Root music from another world…

Sounds like Friday is going to be a busy night for music in Nederland…hopefully folks can bar hop between both shows!

Yes… hopefully people will hop between both shows. I personally love that the “booking agent” has availed herself of the opportunity that The Forum represents to get the word out about the music in Nederland. Even if it is technically competing with The Acoustic’s grand opening.

The important thing is that there is plenty of music to go around up here in Nederland!

xoxo R

No competition BABY,…Just talked to ES and they said they stop at 10:00pm,…just in time to check out the REGGAE UP THE STREET,…then go back for the pick,…:slight_smile:

I LOVE THE ACOUSTIC,…good luck this weekend,…I will be by for a chat!