Range of players

I have been listening to different artists from my cd collection, the radio, and you tube. there have been songs from folks Fest in the mix. Jennie Lewis is one. The Waifs caught me today with “Flesh and Bone”. John Prine and Richard thompson, what can I say. I think that I will be very satisfied Sunday night, How about you?

i hear ya. been listening to Marc Cohen. and heard the Waifs a couple of years ago. i am sure hoping i can stay through Sunday.

the daily line up sounds like fun, with John Prine ending the show on Sunday.

To be frank…and just IMHO…the Sunday night lineup this year is the best single-day Folks Festival lineup since 2005! Easily!!

Saw John Prine kick off this leg of his tour in Ithaca - fantastic. Michelle Shocked, Mark Cohn, David Wilcox, Richard Thompson . . . quite a line up. Can’t wait!!!

Going to Folks on Sunday only due to the lineup - first time! Long time attendee of RG and TBF, but looking forward to a equally fun vibe during Folks…
Seeya all there! :cheers

As much fun sunday holds, the other days are looking good as well


I hoped folks fest would be a good time, but I didn’t know it would be a GREAT time. I had a great time.