Railroad Earth with Greensky - 2 nights at the Ogden

Denver - June 13th & 14th.

Should be a great way to fire up for Telluride the next week.

Don’t forget that the shows are a CD party for the new album Amen Corner.

I will most definitely be there both nights, especially since the Earth
has not played a Planet Bluegrass Fest since 2004!

4 railroad earths this summer in CO! plus greensky opening is just too good. I love how Tim carbone has believed in this band so much that Earth is having them open something like 13 dates with them.
much much :cheers to all

Not to mention, yojo, that Carbone is a nice guy too!

A few years ago, after RRE played a show at Cervantes,
Tim had walked by me when I had said “Great show!”

Tim turned around, spotted me, came up and shook my
hand, and thanked me for coming.

Small gestures like that score well with me…

Those two nights at the Ogden will not suck!

no they will not suck, no they will not. was that at the honkytonk/RRE show there? great time if it was! either way…always a great time with earth TWO :thumbsup :thumbsup

Actually, I think it was the year before.

Except you’ll miss land rush…
RRE needs to check’s Denver calendar a bit better. Last year it was Phil Lesh or them (RRE won) this year it’s land rush or RRE (I think land rush is going to win).

Alison Kruas is also against Telluride. Almost tempted to stay home, the music might be better in Denver.

are you joking?? i don’t think any band is planning there showtimes around telluride tarp rush. checking out earth then on to telluride early sunday!

Yeah, yeah, yeah…Earth tickets for both nights are in hand and I am PSYCHED!!

BTW, the new album, Amen Corner, sounds fantastic!!

Hey, Roach…see you at the Earth show tonight! :slight_smile:

Greensky was on fire i wish they had a longer set. once RRE came on i got over it and it was a blast. Luckily another round of both tonight!

No doubt! :cheers