Rail Road Earth

RRE in Denver at the end of Sept.! Good time, great music!

AND… :thumbsup
the other band on the double bill is Hot Buttered Rum, another one of my favorites. i would for sure like to make it out there for that weekend. the will be playing two nights in a row at the Gothic. I am tempted.


Two incredible bands! Just listening to HBR on the way into work. I was REALLY looking forward to this weekend, but then the Phil & Friends tour announced their two CO nights were going to be stacked right on top! :swearing I bought tix for both of the Phil nights, knowing there’s a very good chance I’ll be splitting up the nights. :rolleyes

We’ll see! I guess there are worse problems to have, right?!


Yup, I knew of the Phil show also. Why do the promoters do that???
They could make more money if they would seperate great bands like this. We too are contemplating one and one… I don’t know… it is difficult to do 2 nights of good bands anymore.
Feeling old I guess…