Questions - Tarp Run - (Old) Newbie!!

We’re in our 60’s and this is our first trip to TBGF. Is the tarp run something we MUST do to get spot? Is it done every day or do you leave tarp at night? What time do you have to get in line? We’re in good health but I can’t compete with young bloods but do want s good spot. And one more - is a “regular” camping folding chair allowed? I saw on web site where only low backs are allowed but not sure what that means. They said shouldn’t be able to roll basketball under them??

Tarp line depends on where you are camping/staying. No you do not Have to do the tarp run for a decent spot, but you ought to try it. Chairs depend on exactly how close you want to be. Closer=low back, midway and back regular camp chairs are good, back section of festival grounds allows shade canopy.

Also, I wouldn’t consider 60’s too old. I’d guess the median range of ticket holding TBF’rs would be around 40-45, possibly older. Of course thats not counting the non ticket required children under 12.

The tarp run happens every morning, so you would have to “run” a tarp every day. You don’t really have to run to get a spot. The hard-core folks will sprint to the closest spots, though. You can always sit on unoccupied tarps up front throughout the day - just be mindful of returning the space to the tarp owners when they come back. It’s a good way to meet people. You may even meet a crew of folks who stake out close spots each day and who will invite you to sit with them. It’s a very friendly festival.

“Low-back chairs” is kind of a misnomer. The main thing is that it sits low enough to not impede the view of the people behind you. I think the rule of thumb about not being able to roll a basketball underneath is a good one. Here are some examples:,,,,

Even if you aren’t in line to participate, being there early enough to watch the parade of happy people is a reward in itself… everyone’s smiling and laughing, It will set the days mood if you let it. :sunshine

Regardless of how everything unfolds, hopefully, you’ll find a spot to your liking. I know many will be quick to point out how there’s not a bad spot in the whole venue and I would agree. Likewise, many will point out how you’re welcome & encouraged to hang out on any unoccupied tarps until the “owner” comes back. I do this often & it typically works out.

Having said that, I’m not a fan of how the deck is stacked to such an extent for prime real estate in favor of the able bodied.

Just hire a young blooded able body for the sprint portion.

Personally, I’d never pay for a “ringer” … would never want to go down the road of reducing music to a “commodity”.

Is not a community’s greatness measured by how it treats its weakest members?

Personally, I’d never pay for a “ringer” … would never want to go down the road of reducing music to a “commodity”.

Is not a community’s greatness measured by how it treats its weakest members?
Lol this is funny because it cost some of us thousands to get there, some even come over entire oceans.
Commodity? Music, coffee, bacon, silver, copper, zinc, lead, bags of ice carried by little kids with there frozen paws out. they are all commodities for commerce.

As for tossing a fast legged kid some lunch or buying your neighbor a beer for putting a small tarp next to them is nothing.

Where does one acquire a community measuring stick?
Is it metric or imperial?

Will it measure unicorns?
We have a real unicorn problem out here.

Please pardon our nonsense and banter Woodie its all in fun.

There are great views throughout the entire venue. Just come with the anticipation you are going to find the best seat available and chances are you’ll find the right one. We only get 4 wonderful chances a year though. Goodluck :thumbsup

Are you suggesting the distance traveled or length of time spent to get one’s person into the tarp line is factored into the tarp run & subsequent rules pertaining to GA access and egress?

I’m not sure there’s an actual measuring stick; rather, it’s more akin to trying to define “porn” … one knows it when one sees it.

That’s way out there and so far from topic.

easy to answer however I’ll not bite this worm here

Woodie just wanted to know about the tarprun… not the definition of porn.

Shame on us. …