Questions on Lawson RV Parking

:wave First timers here!

We grabbed a Lawson RV Pass and were debating if it’s the way to go. Is the parking just in a parking lot? Is there space to set up a canopy? Any shade? Is it full of big RV’s running generators all night?

We just have a regular size van and 3 people - - one of which was planning to set up a tent outside the van. Will this work? Thanks for the help :cheers

Sorry, but that won’t work.

No tents are allowed in the RV area. I haven’t been down to the RV area in years, but the policy is that no canopies are allowed. It’s basically a place for RV’s to park, without hookups, and for Festivarians to use the comforts of their “indoor campsite”.

I can’t speak to the generators either, but I would think they are running from time to time.

Your best bet is Mary E. Illium. A vehicle pass will allow your van to be in the campground for you to camp in without the worry of breaking rules, or generators.


I would definitely switch to Mary E. I believe they are the same price, and it’s a little farther, but it’s a much more open area, and you’ll be able to put your tent up right by your van. Plus, it’s the only campground that allows fires (or was last time I stayed there).

Thanks for the info! Good to know.

It looks like on the description for the Ilium camping you need a separate vehicle pass, however I cannot seem to find the link for the vehicle ticket - - only the per person camping tickets. :huh :cheers

Disregard!! Found it :lol

for the record, I’ll give you a refund for the RV pass if you want one. Just give us a call at the office tomorrow and we can get you squared away.


but keep in mind, that’s only because Dustin is awesome, and Planet Bluegrass rocks.

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