Questions for locals or recent visitors

Obviously, the world has changed some-

Regarding Telluride, is the Farmer’s Market anticipated to be back on Fridays? Is the Goose shuttle likely to run a normal schedule?

Brown Dog survives and is a no-brainer, Siam is generally good; any restaurant recommendations that aren’t the high-end joints? (I’m banned from most of those anyway).


Yes, farmer’s market has still been up and running on Fridays & haven’t heard anything to the contrary for upcoming summer.

Goose is still running & likely has expanded routes as part of SMART (regional).

Siam changed hands just prior to the pandemic, still good, but I believe they’ve been doing carry out.

BIT, La Cocina, Butcher & Baker are the places in my price range these days. There are a few new ones that are good: Wok of Joy, Little House, and Stronghouse come to mind.

Coffee Cowboy is moving from main street to the gondola in a couple of weeks.

Is there still the late-night griled cheese cart set up outside the Sheridan?? :thumbsup

Surprised to see $18 omelets and $23 for three tacos at La Cocina. I used to like hiding there during a hot afternoon.



Only $6 for Mexican/local beers though!!!

I haven’t been paying close attention, but I think she may have sold it to someone else who operated it across the street on the sidewalk in front of elks park … or maybe by the gondola in town??

I believe the gyro cart and Diggity Dogs are outside Sheridan.

It isn’t cheap anywhere in Telluride these days, but I think Lucas has done a good job of keeping it relatively reasonable … or at least having some lower cost options available. I normally get the “Small bean, Rice & Cheese Burrito Plate – 15” … and with two sides, it’s actually a big plate of food!

I feel homesick reading this thread.

I can taste all of these dishes. :blue_heart::green_heart: