Questions about load in and Thursday camping

Hey All! First timer here going to Rockygrass with my wife and two kids and I am CONFUSED about load in. We aren’t too picky about sites and live far enough away that showing up Thursday will be pretty hard for us. Can we just show up Friday morning and snag a decent spot without doing the whole Thursday Lottery? Also, my recollection is that we did not get a car spot, but it doesn’t say one way or the other on our tickets or anywhere in any communications we have gotten. It just says camping. Do the car camping tickets specifically say car or vehicle? Finally, if we do the lottery on Thursday, do we then camp there Thursday night as well or are we expected to leave and come back Friday? I’m sure the system is well thought out and makes sense, I’m just not getting it yet. Thanks so much in advance for any advice!!

you would have purchased a separate vehicle pass for your car, it’s not included with camping.

once you are “in” and set up camp on thursday, you stay put & camping starts!

to be clear, all of these details relate to Onsite camping only, the other campgrounds have different load-ins.

Thanks for the info! Are we able to show up Friday and skip the lottery/first night camping? If we do that is it really slim pickings for a site on Friday?

no prob! hope you have a great first fest!!

i’d get there as early as you can on friday, it fills in fast. good luck!

Definitely get there as early as you can. Everyone who has a ticket WILL have a place to camp but things do get a bit tight as time ticks away on Friday. If you get there and don’t feel like you can find a spot, walk around with a tarp under you arm. Someone will likely spot you and help you find a spot. If after that you’re still having a rough go, give me a ring. I just shot you my phone # in a private message. Don’t worry, it’ll all work out :slight_smile:


Thank you both! Gonna do the Thursday lottery/camping after all, but this was super helpful information and advice in making the decision.