I’m getting so excited!

Question - my first volunteer shift is at 10:30 Wednesday morning. I had originally planned to arrive on Tuesday, but since Warner doesn’t open until Wednesday, I’ll probably be driving in from Grand Junction or Montrose Wednesday morning.

Since I can’t get into Warner Field until 9 am, I know there won’t be enough time to unload my gear, park at Mountain Village, and make my way down to the box office in time. There will undoubtedly be a crush of people trying to unload. I’ve been told that it’ll take at least an hour to get my car parked at MV and get the gondola down to town.

Since the barricade in town doesn’t start until Wednesday afternoon, does anyone know if there is a place I can park close-in until my shift is over?

I would just find a spot if I were you. You’re going to have to. Maybe email Allison Grimes, the volunteer coordinator. Also, change the name of this post to “parking question”. You might get more hits! Cheers!

Thanks, KP. Since I wasn’t able to sell my Lawson Hill camping pass, I went ahead and set up here for the night. I’m hoping I can just go to WF in the morning and claim a spot, then come back up to Lawson after my volunteer shift is over to break down my camp, and go finish setting up at Warner.

I was going to ask Allison, but figured she had enough going on already by this point, so I didn’t want to bug her! :blush:

You can set up for the night at Mary E. Illium. That’s where all the early volunteers stay.