question on chairs

I’ll be at tbf and rockygrass. Have a muscular condition that prohibits me from sitting in the low profile chair for any length of time. I know the rules about the basketball thing. I usually just lie on the tarp with a pillow, which is not ideal.

Anyone know if I can use a camping chair recliner that, in the reclined position, puts me at a height that is akin (perhaps only a couple inches higher?) to someone sitting erect in a low profile chair?

Handicapped accessible spots aren’t of interest btw.

I sent PB a message on this but I know they’re busy and would like to know asap so reaching out to you folks



The rule about “Festival compliant low back chairs” at Telluride applies from the big central/lateral pathway forward to the stage (the front half of the field). Behind that path regular size, folding “high back” chairs are allowed.

sorry - should have specified that my group always tarps in front of that walkway so I’m wondering about that part of the field. thanks, Bevin.

(are you the Bevin of fiddle player fame - TSR?)


In my opinion, it is fairer to ask those in your own group to accomodate you by setting their tarp further back where you can use any chair to make yourself comfortable, than it is to block others who try to abide the rules that PB establishes to provide enjoyment for most.

yeah I’d never want to impact others’ enjoyment. I’ll figure it out. just wondered if any of you knew the deal and hoping I can lay low in the longer chair. If not, so be it. thanks folks

If you’re just a few inches higher than the other low back chairs I’d say you will be just fine, also- try to get your friends to get the space directly in front of the sound board, if that’s possible. But really, in the end, everything will work out…always does.

yup. always does.

I’ll see you and the other 1,000s of my best friends there. You’ll know it’s me - the guy they move to the back for obstructing everybody’s view.


Excitement abounds!