Question about tents at RockyGrass

Hi! I’ve been to Telluride but never to Lyons for the festival, and was also in my pre-kids days so did not need a tent.

We are going with the kids with several families just for the day on Sunday. I would assume there is a no-tent section closer to the stage and then the sun shades are allowed in the back? Is there any need to get there early to get space if you don’t care about being up close?

I’d appreciate any information from fellow festivarian moms and dads out there! Thanks!

Hi Pilgrim - Welcome, you’re gonna love Rockygrass. :welcome

I will also be setting up a sun-shade for the family “base camp”. Yes, there is a line about two-thirds back that marks where sun shades are allowed. I usually get in line early to try to get towards the front of the sun shades. So I’ve always been able to put mine up somewhere. I don’t know if there are people that arrive later that are unable to find a place to put there shade up. But it does get pretty packed in there for Rockygrass.

I guess if you really care about having the best possible view from your shade tent, then you should get in line early. Sometimes I’ve set up behind so many tents (or tents with side panels :mad) that I really didn’t have a stage view, but that’s never been a big deal. You can still hear, and we’re usually hanging up front with the kids anyway.

Good luck, Maybe I’ll see ya there!

Thank you so much! We can’t wait!

Hi. From my experience with shades the last 2 years, you will definitely either need a line number or be in the line as early as possible. The shelter areas fill up FAST once the doors open especially if you have a larger shelter. Good luck!

true!! - best get a tarp line number - they need to expand the area for the sun-shades - maybe go 10-12 feet in front of the silo in order to get another row in