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This is my first Telluride, am camping at Warner Field. I notice on the website that all the shelters in the picture are the ones that are only shad with no floor (don’t know what they’re called) Is that because it gets to hot in the sun (no trees) and a regular tent is unbearable? But what if it rains at all? What do you do. Any experienced Warner Field campers to help me know what to take? Thanks so much.

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you’ll find A LOT of info previously posted on this forum :thumbsup

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There is no shade on Warner field - it’s a baseball field… Shade is always a good idea cause the sun can be very intense at the high altitude. Expect any kind of weather.

Remember no stakes over 6inches long on Warner field, you don’t want to puncture any water lines. :eek

Your fellow festivarians are VERY verbose with their advice feel free just jump into the discussion.

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Warner field campers do pitch tents… and also some put up shade things… i dont know what pciture you saw but there is also a part of the festival grounds toward the back that looks like a giant Kelty ad with shade thingies everywhere.

i think you will be quite comfortable in Warner field… nice level and grassy place to pitch your tent, all that nice sun to warm you up fairly early in the day and I think, that your tents will be warmer at night. just a hunch.

also… very close to the shower house… that’s handy.


If you like to sleep in, it may get a bit warm in your tent after the sun comes up, but it’s bearable. It still gets chilly at night, so plan accordingly.
One of the perks to camping in Warner Field is that you have access to the Town Park campground, and therefore all the late night jam sessions.
I have yet to hear anything from previous Warner campers as to the positive and negative aspects.
Maybe someone can come forward? :cheers

I hear that it is great…they love being able to hear the music, and play hackey sack while they are breaking for lunch.

and… ANY tent can get too warm during the day! But as cold as it is at night, I don’t think anyone complains. They just decide to get up and get right back to festivating.


Warner Field Sucks! You don’t want to stay there! Bugs and nasty people! (ok, I am lying! haha) There are two aspects to the campgrounds near the venue. Town Park has shrunk because of the Ice Rink, but still plenty of space available. However, there are space HOGS everywhere, they reserve with tarps on day one (I think a tarp placed should be allowed no more than a two day reserve) and severly limit the choices of latecomers. Entonses, if you get caught in a bind and find yourself limited, just ASK! I read a great post here where they asked around and a guy did a tarp lift for them cause the reserved weren’t showing up or hadn’t communicated and the guy representing the tarps was wise enough to give the spaces up! Bravo! I don’t think they are space HOGS intentionally, but tend to get caught up in the excitement year after year… and tradition … When in doubt or panic, ASK! You can’t believe the humble generosity of the Experienced Festivarian, they were all there in beginning…
Town Park has the hours and buzz of Las Vegas, there are tent cities, bars, schedules and all night screaming, revelry, and all night jams. Do stomp over to WallyMart (cheapest Place) to the sporting goods department, look for the airgun section and purchase brightly colored earplugs (they’re orange this year) and enjoy them when you grown tired of the buzz/noise. ITS DO-ABLE!

Warner Field is a soft landing compared to Town Park, we who know are eternally grateful to the City of Telluride for allowing this to happen. However, space is severly limited and it serves up the first come, first served altitude. You will find close proximity to all services and lovely camaraderie and a lot of people from Boulder (Boulderites love all first class acommodations! har har!) You are best to get there EARLY to take space! There are some dangers as well: Strong winds racing up valley can destroy equipment and wipe out hard worked campsites in seconds (think mini hurricanes) and the walk-arounds late at night as there are trip wires everywhere. At least now they plot out trails and some really smart people (the fallen) go to the 99 cent store and buy glow sticks and hang them on the trails and other bad spots…

Either way, you are due an experience that will be in your mind for eons. Thankfully the advice in these columns come from diehard experience and tradition.

Keep an open mind, pay attention to detail, and go, just go! There are very few regrets attending this Fest!

Thanks. Nice helpful response. I’m coming as prepared as I can be til I am there once and learn what to bring and not bring, and all that experience teaches you. I’m getting a wagon to haul things from the fence, and also a ketly sun shade in addition to my tent.

O.K. here’s another question. The drop off point. you supposedly pass your stuff over the fence, then take your vehicle back to wherever the parking place is and shuttle back. If you’re alone who’s there to “pass your stuff to” and what happens to your stuff (instruments etc.) while you’re making your way back?

I think the fence is a little too tall for most people to pass things over… but maybe some do. you can always go in through the gate! I am sure your stuff will be safe while you make the necessary trips back and forth. Someone who is already there and set up will probably be happy to help you carry stuff and get it somewhat where you want it. you have a fair amount of time to unload so maybe you can pitch the tent and put leave of your stuff in it while you go take your car. i am sure it will all be safe.


Hi Ya’s

Depending when you get there, most campsites are set up the same way.

If you camping at Warner Field or Town Park you park near the entry and there are usually staff there to greet you. they VOLUNTEERS (Go Team!) and they watch over things. They do not watch your stuff! (unless you ask nicely and carry a big tip!) You have a bit of time (usually 45 mins) to unload and carry through. Stealing one’s gear is a really big karmic no no and is rarely done! Anyway, you find a spot, unload your gear and then drive off to the designated parking areas that you will be directed to. Plan on the fact that you will most likely be parking in Mountain Village (Unless you get a pass or come early and get lucky!)accessable by the very cool gondola that links the two towns. You probably won’t see your car until the very end, unless of course you forgot something important! (don’t do that!)

Hope that helps!

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Thanks. I’m beginning to get a clearer picture. I’m used to having a vehicle with me and all the freedom that brings, so the unloading at a drop off point has been bugging me especially never having done that before. Sounds like I need to just let it happen. Thanks people for the advice. Sooooooo looking forward to being there.

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As you shouldbe!

We have been camping in Warner field since it opened a few years ago. With kids it is really a much better choice than Town Park. People pretty much chill out and quiet down in Warner at reasonable hour.

The drop off thing is OK. Just be ready to unload your gear inside of a 20 minute time frame. If you are arriving Tuesday or Wed AM you will have plenty of choices for sites. If you throw down a reasonable size tarp and say “hey” to your neighbors your stuff will fine while you park. The parking location is about 10 blocks away so it takes about a half hour to get there, park, lock up and return.

We camp at about 2nd base on the infield edge so the kids can run around on the dirt (for the last three years, before that we were closer to the showers). A lot a folks like to be back at the edge of the outfield or toward the far west edge (there is some afternoon shade there).

See you there!