Punch Brothers recordings?

Can anyone account for the lack of Punch Brothers recordings available online? Obviously I’ve tracked down the ones from TBF but there seem to be very few others for a band that seems to be so consistently and organically stretching their medium (whether or not you like that, it’s hard to admit they’re not!)

I’m wondering if maybe they don’t allow taping? That’s sort of a shame. I mean, I realize their setlists per tour are often very similar but … ?

Any ideas?

I just saw them in Paducah, Kentucky, last weekend and was surprised that shows from this tour at all are scarce. I was hoping to find a nice copy of this show for my future father-in-law, who I took to the show not knowing what he’d think and he loved it. I figured there’d be a copy around since it was kind of a hometown show for Chris.

Anyway. I’m curious! thanks!

The Punch Brothers do allow open taping of their shows, but they have an unoffical “no electronic” transfer policy. The same as Nickel Creek had back when Thile was with them. So that is why you do not see their shows up for torrent or on archive.org. Someday I hope…

If you are looking for Punch Brothers shows, I have seveal I woudl be willing to share with you via a B&P. I just recirded them last month in Columbus, OH.

drop me an email or PM me. de3x8in2001 at yahoo dot com