Punch Brothers 2010-06-20 - Nightgrass @ Telluride (24 & 16 bit)

Drop me a line and I see if I can get you a copy. Punch Brothers aren’t as trader friendly as some of the other groups. My first TBF! If anyone knows some of the instrumentals, please let me know and I will update the .txt file.

Punch Brothers
Sheridan Opera House
Nightgrass, 37th Annual Telluride Bluegrass Festival
Telluride, CO

Chris Thile - mandolin, lead vocals
Chris Eldridge - guitar, vocals
Paul Kowert - bass, vocals
Noam Pikelny - banjo, vocals
Gabe Witcher - fiddle, vocals

Taper: Greg Johnson
Location: Balcony Platform, DFC, 25’ from stage,
Source:SP CMC-4U (cards, DIN) > Church Audio ST-9100 > Edirol R-09HR (24/48 )
Format: 24 bit, 48 kHz
Transfer: SD > USB > Sound Forge > CD Wave > FLAC (level 8 ) Trader’s Little Helper
Editing: Sound Forge: applause compression, normalization to peak (-0.2db) CD Wave: tracking

Please do not convert to a lossy format except for personal use
**No electronic distribution or bulk B&P’s"
Never For Sale
Please support bands that allow taping by buying merch. and attending shows

Set 1
01 ‘intro banter’
02 Heart in a Cage
03 San Antonio Rose (1)
04 instrumental
05 Punch Bowl
06 ‘banter’
07 Missy
08 ‘banter’
09 Incarus Smicarus (2)
10 ‘banter’
11 On the Bound (3)
12 Ride the Wild Turkey (4)
13 ‘banter’
14 Through the Bottom of the Glass (5)
15 ‘banter’
16 Gronlandic Edit (6)
17 instrumental
18 Welcome Home
19 ‘Radiohead banter’
20 2+2 = 5 (7)
21 ‘Vasen intro banter’
22 Two Hearted (8)
23 instrumental (8)
24 Flippen (The Flip) (9)

Set 2
25 ‘banter’
26 Lovefool (10)
27 The Woman and the Bell
28 The Lonesome River (11)
29 “intro of The Paul Kowert Trio”
30 Stereo (12)
31 ‘banter’
32 instrumental (13)
33 ‘banter’
34 Please Search Your Heart (14)
35 Little Maggie (15)
36 ‘intro of Chris Eldridge Quartet’
37 Chug-a-lug (16)
38 ‘intro of Bela Fleck’
39 improv > (17)
40 If I Should Wander Back Tonight (18)
41 ‘banter’
42 instrumental (19)
43 ‘applause’
44 Angline The Baker (20)

A 16/44.1 bit version is also available
Track 44 was performed with just Thile and Sutton in the crowd unamplified. I had to boost the levels

while editing to even hear the music.

(1) - Bob Wills
(2) - Mclusky
(3) - Fiona Apple
(4) - Jerry Douglas
(5) - Paul Craft (Eldridge on vocals)
(6) - Montreal
(7) - Radiohead
(8) - w/ Vasen
(9) - Vasen - w/Vasen
(10) - The Cardigans
(11) - The Stanley Brothers
(12) - Pavement w/ Thile, Kowert, Eldridge
(13) - w/ Pikelney, Luke Bulla Jake Tylif, Kowert
(14) - traditional - w/ Ed Helms, Luke Bulla Jake Tylif & Punch Brothers
(15) - w/ Ed Helms, Luke Bulla, Jake Tylif & Punch Brothers
(16) - Roger Miller - w/ Ed Helms, Jake Tylif, Luke Bulla, & Eldridge
(17) - Thile & Fleck
(18) - Flatt & Scruggs - w/ Fleck and Punch Brothers
(19) - Punch Brothers, Drew Emmit, Jeff Austin, Bryan Sutton, Bela Fleck, & Luke Bulla
(20) - Thile & Sutton in the crowd unamplified

Would love a copy! Thanks for your hard work!

Hi Greg,
My replies don’t seem to be sending . . .

Confirmed. Shared files will not be passed on.

Thank you.

Hey Greg,
I sent you a PM, but I’d also like a copy if possible.

I tried to send you a p.m., but they don’t seem to be going through… at least there’s no confirmation that it was sent (sorry if i’m sending multiple ones!)…anyhow, i’d love to hear this show, since it was the first time to see these guys and i had an absolute blast! Would be happy to do b&p if necessary.

up_the_canyon@hotmail.com is my email.


Nope I have not gotten any of anyone’s pm’s. Use the email button beside the pm button to contact me that way. Or here it is also:

de3x8in2001 at yahoo dot com

I can’t stand not having things named though so I checked up on the four songs listed as ‘Instrumental’ in the setlist:

04 Back Up and Push
17 Ground Speed
23 Stämlåten (Tuning Tune)
32 Roanoke

Thanks a bunch kjell! One more instrumental without a name, track #42, do you know it too?


I was at this show and was blown away! Got a close-up camera vid of the final instrumental in the midst of the crowd, but that doesn’t do the whole show justice. Could you hook me up? tacaliff@gmail.com



Sorry for the long absence! I think that’s Daybreak in Dixie. Also known as Ralph’s Banjo Special. Good stuff!

Hi, sent you a private message about getting a copy of the show. Let me know if its still possible. Thanks!