Punch Bros

I for one enjoyed the set. The 40 minute “bluegrass symphony” was both important and beautiful. The band has talent and is pushing bluegrass beyond borders, thank you!

Besides that, Peter Rowan’s set was by far the best of the show, “navaho” was sublime.

I’m fascinated by that statement. While you see importance, I see self-importance and separation from the audience. Instead of beauty, I see technical skill lacking any heart.

In my humble opinion, it’s important only because it’s 40 minutes.

Someone earlier referred to this as “thinking man’s music.” I will have to agree, because it’s got me thinking about music that enjoyable and fun and music that irritates me. Thile and the Punches are certainly the latter.

I was amazed and really enjoyed the Punch Bros. performance…I had listened to the album in advance and found it even more inspiring in person. The thought, creativity, and fantastic timing of the group was really astounding.

Thinking mans music? Absolutely…and that is a good thing. I don’t come to Rockygrass to be lulled by bland “a lot of bands can play this” bluegrass but to be inspired to new heights by bands like Psychograss, Abigail Washburn, Chocolate Drops, and the Punch Bros.

Keep up the awesome work Planet Bluegrass!

Didn’t like it, but didn’t expect to like it. Chris Thile just doesn’t have bluegrass in his soul…brilliant young musician, can’t be touched technically, but bluegrass seems to bore him. Such a shame IMHO given his obvious talent.

I headed to Lyons Classic Pinball after 20 minutes…what a swell experience that was…they had my favorite pinball machine from way back…Cyclone. Brought back many memories.

What I found a bit off was saying stuff like “2/3 done” and “that was the second movement”. Should have playrd through in traditional classical form…

self indulgent was what i experienced at TBF. i went for lunch.

Bad. There really isn’t no other word for the Punch Brothers 40-minutes of playing with themselves. I love instrumental music, and I love experimental music, but this is just doesn’t even come close to being a cohesive piece of work.

The Punch Brothers just sucked the wind out of Rocky Grass. You heard babies crying, or wait that may have been me.

Every other band I at least thought were good, a few I just liked, a few I loved. So one bad act didn’t do anything but cause me to wonder why Chris Thile was here but not Sara and/or Sean Watkins.

I’ve grown more and more tired of Thile each year.

I propose Planet Bluegrass give him a few years off. No Punch Bros set. No How to Grow Women Band. No duets with Mike Marshall. No exploratory sets with Bela. Maybe he can come back with Nickel Creek if they get back together.

After three years or so, I propose Planet Bluegrass conduct a YouTube audition where we have an opportunity to decide if we’ll allow him back. We’ll evaluate him on things like 1) existence of melody 2) energy level and 3) length of song (preferably less than 10 minutes).

I’ve been liking Thile less and less since last summer. His comments during last summer’s Rocky Grass Nickle Creek set about all the great things that he had in store for him rubbed me the wrong way and seemed totally disrespectful of his band mates. Then he did it again at Four Corners last Labor Day - completely dis’d Sean and Sarah via his narcissistic stage banter. Add that to the misogyny of his “How to Grow a Woman” recording and the self-importance of his “How to Grow a Band” title and top it off with the self-indulgent neo-classical style music we just heard and it all just makes me yawn. I feel he’s a technically superb player but since the guy has been making a living playing music since he was maybe 13 what we have is an entertainer with no real life experience to write music about, which to me results in a very sterile and soul-less sound. Critter should have stuck it out with the Stringdusters, imo.

what we have is an entertainer with no real life experience to write music about, which to me results in a very sterile and soul-less sound

Just an FYI, Thile’s The Blind Leaving the Blind piece is inspired by his divorce, that sounds pretty real life to me.

If that was everyone’s first time hearing the piece, I kindly ask that you listen to it again. Though I agree, a festival probably isn’t the most ideal place to play the piece.

OK I have been thinkin’ about these post’s and I must say, when you explore yourself as a musician it is in fact self indulgent based…
I am with Chris or Bela or anyone else that want’s to step outside the box and explore themselves, with us at TBFand RG. I consider the whole 4 days a journey of sorts. I am shy to share my new found talent for just this reason. People must be very open minded and let what does not appeal to them slide by rather than define it and sum it all up. And when you do hear something you really enjoy, let it move you to the core.
I do like Chris and the Punch Brothers. But I also can understand if you don’t.
Funny I just wrote a song and I thought, gee I better make it danceable so people will like it…

I never really mind Chris explorations with Mike or Bela, but he should follow the Bela model. While Bela at time may wonder past what I get, or enjoy, he doesn’t stay out there for 40 (^%* minutes. In fact the few times I’ve seen crowd get restless on a Bela piece he’s dropped it quickly and I’ve never seen him do such a piece at both RG and TBF.

I like everybody else, as I said. I love the Sutton set with Russ; I love Abby, I loved with her and Bela were doing some far out stuff, but it built, it was based on the measure that can before it. It has real musical thought behind it. I love Sam, Edgar and Jerry, it may have been my favorite set. I love that whole type of music. Chris Thile just isn’t very good at it.

And to see how people react to not liking Chris’ “music”, everybody who has posted negative as been smited. A punk and self indulgent reaction worthy of Chris Thile himself.

I agree he needs to be booted from Planet Bluegrass events and all other bluegrass events until he understands this is a two way street. We listen, we respect, we try. He needs to listen to the vast majority of the fans and respect them.

I Agree landshark. I prefer to comment on the acts I liked and let the ones I didn’t just slide by (uh golden rule?). I was listening to KBCO yesterday morning, they played the bruce springsteen version of “blinded by the light” and some goof called in to tell them how much he hated that version and how he had to turn his radio down because he couldn’t even listen to it. Why someone would bother to make that call is beyond me.

I’ve written a song or two as well, and I’m comforted with the thought that big mega super talented artists inspire haters everywhere, so who cares if someone doesn’t like my little ditty.

Cheers! :cheers

Sometimes you need to stand up and say the “Emperor wears no clothes”

This is not act X which we know won’t be back next year, this a regular act that every year gets worse & worse; this isn’t just my perception. I wouldn’t have commented at all but somebody else started this thread. Just think if I tarted the thread: “I love the smell of porta potties and wish it was all encompassing during the music”. If nobody disagreed Planet Bluegrass might be left to think people really wanted that! I don’t want Planet Bluegrass left with the thought that most people liked the Punch Brothers.

By the Golden Rule nobody would complain about bad leaders. I don’t think that would work out so well in practice.

I have no problem with people stating they’re opinion about an artist, but be nice about it. PB SHOULD get this feed back, or artist that we may not want to see or are not interested in seeing might continue to return.

I use to love the old Nickel Creek before they came of age, when they did their Bluegrass sets. As Chris aged and started doing his own thing, he has gotten further and further from what got him know. Chris is undoubtedly a fine musician and I still very much love to see him doing his stuff in the Thunder jams but doing his own material has gotten harder and harder to stomach, and I think if he keeps heading down this path I don’t see his fans doing anything but looking for something else.

I have been hoping to see this turn around for some time now, hoping this has all be a phase, but I’m not sure he’s getting the message or isn’t paying attention at least to the fans, either not showing up or leaving early. Seeing the mass exodus from the venue at about 20 minutes into the show should maybe give the artist a second thought on his material, but I just don’t think he cares or is listening.

Come on Dawg - my reference of the golden rule was strictly in the context of music and musicians, I certainly would not make the same comment in a discussion about leaders. Thankfully, this isn’t a political discussion.

I hear what you are saying about giving feedback to PB. I took their RockyGrass survey - one question asked for you favorite acts. I listed my favorites acts, Punch Bros was not on my list. Seems like that gives the same feedback.

I understand this is a discussion thread and sure everyone can discuss their favorites and least-favorites all the live long day. I just personally get turned off by mean-spirited comments about acts. But maybe my Golden Rule comment isn’t relevant in this case if they are indeed an annual performer and the goal is to send some very clear feedback to PB that you don’t want to see this act again.

I’m curious, since you said this is a regular act, is this the first year they’ve gotten such negative feedback?

Oh man, I can’t wait to see what kind of exciting comments will come because of the Chris Thile/Edgar Meyer album!!! Or even better . . . Thile’s writing a Fugue!

yes, it appears so. some thile fluffer got their feathers ruffled.

After seeing their set in Telluride I opted to miss this set.
From the posts it appears I made a good choice. :eek

Maybe Chris and Ryan Adams can do a set together at TBF next year! :evil