Proposition 19 opinion...

So, the Prop. 19 vote is next week right?
What do some of the festivarians think about this?
I wish I lived in CA to throw in my two cents on this vote…

It’s about time. I’m in CO. and we are next I bet! Long overdue, and once this passes, I betchya the numbers who smoke will most likely go down, not up.
Like my bud Ricky says, it just takes all the fun out of it if you don’t have to put on yer camo outfit and belly crawl to get it :lol
I told him just bellycrawl to the store in yer camo if ya need the drama :flower.

Bluegrass now they outta outlaw it. It is just too much fun :medal

Ufortunately it looks like it will not pass. There just hasn’t been any money behind this measure and in politics you have to have money to buy the votes. It is speculated that they should have waited until 2012 when it was a national election that brings out more voters. They believe that the “younger demographic” will not show up to vote becuase it s a mid term election. I of course am an “old fart” and I will be voting for it! :thumbsup :pirate :pipe2

stay tuned for election results on Prop. 19 with this ballot tracker on ballotpedia:,the_Marijuana_Legalization_Initiative(2010)
(well, i’ve double-checked the link, and its not working like i hoped… but if you click the link, click ‘search for this page title’, then click on ‘page title matches’, it will take you to page where the % of votes are being counted… sorry for the confusion :8

and congratulations giants fans! :cheers