Pre-Festival Camping Etiquette

Hi everyone! I’m a newbie to the festival and absolutely cannot wait for June to come around! I must say that this forum has made me even more excited than I already was, everyone just seems so nice!

We’re arriving in Telluride on Saturday the 11th and we have Town Park camping (wahoo!)… I know that Saturday is the first day that we can set up camp, but I do have a question… would it be okay for us to come and set up our camp on Saturday and then leave Sunday to road trip to Arizona for 2 days using our camp spot (tent and shelter) to reserve our spot for the festival? Not sure what the etiquette is around that? Any advice from you all would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

You will be just fine leaving your stuff, just make sure it us ready for wind and weather. See you there!

Why would anyone want to leave TP for Az?!? :huh Pre-Fest is most entertaining! Be sure it’s staked down.

Thanks for the advice… we’re going to head to the Grand Canyon for 2 days, neither of us have ever been and we figured it was such a short ride (well, considering we’re usually a flight away), we may as well! I have a feeling that 2 day trip may be knocked down to 1 day… I’ve read some stories about pre-fest that sound awesome!

We’ll definitely stake it well and make sure it’s solid… just want to make sure we don’t step on any toes if we leave it!

Thanks again!

In years past we’ve popped out for some overnight trips to Moab, 4-corners, etc. Even if your camp blows over, someone will probably stake it back in for ya. :wave


If you’ve never been to Arches or Canyonlands, I’d suggest looking at Moab if you only have a couple days to get away. I forgot exactly, but it’s like a good 5-6 hours to GC from Telluride vs. 2:30 hours to Moab.

I agree with FaceOnMars, Arches/Canyonlands are fantastic, much closer and easier to camp at (and you can camp right along the mighty Colorado). If you are dead set on Grand Canyon make sure you have your camping reservations all set. The South Rim is a big mess of folks and you can be camping in remote spots. The North Rim is much mellower (with the same beauty) and camping is more intimate (but also in more limited supply).

ps don’t leave any booze in yer camp while your gone otherwise Duk Tape Man will be sure to drink it all. He’s a slippery one alright.

Is there any way to set up your festival tent and then bring along another tent for the trek to the canyon? No space issues upon return that way.

Just an idea. :cheers

Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green

keep in mind that when you return to town park the “neighborhood” will look quite a bit different. as the week wears on space becomes a premium. you can also reserve some space by staking out a tarp, that way if you need to take your tent with you, you’ll have a place to pitch it when you return.

And there will always be a couple of people who get a little annoyed at this practice. They’ll respect your space, but when they end up camped in a bush, they may not welcome you back with open arms.

So when you return, make friends! cook a meal for all your neighbors, invite them to come sit & have a drink, and in general smooth out any ruffled feathers. It’s easy, really.

It’s a phenomenon I only see in Telluride. The land rush, the tarp runs, etc…we all go ape shit to compete with our fellow festivarians for “our” space…in the case of the tarp run there’s all the chest thumping and testosterone spewing that van go with arguing over whose tarp is “on top” in the corner even! Then a few hours later, we’re all peacefully sharing the space, grooving to tunes, buying beers and sharing treats. It’s laughable really :lol

Once you arrive in Town Park and get set up you may decide not to leave! :thumbsup

We want to leave…FOR Town Park! I mean like right friggin’ now!

This is somewhat profound. So then, which would be more “genuine”: the laughs and good times or competitive jockeying?

Definitely the laughs and good times. It’s easy to get caught up the moment and jockey a little, but it feels better to let it go

I agree. Take a look at the pre-fest activities schedule and you may well decide to stay. The Grand Canyon isn’t going anywhere. :cheers

Ya’ll are so amazing!!! Honestly- thank you so much for the insight. Still undecided on what we’re going to do… but you all have some great recommendations should we decide not to go to GC. I have heard that Pre-Festival is pretty awesome. Where can we check out the list of pre-fest activities? Did I hear something about a prom??

Also- since we’re coming in Saturday- please, come by and say hello! We’ll be the ones with the North Carolina and Appalachian State flags!

I think the Prom is the New Year’s Eve Party at Camp Cascadia and they are in URGENT need of many tix… C’mon folk you want a New Year’s Eve Party/Prom- we need to find them some TP tix…

Maybe they think the “prom” is the Free Box Fashion Show on Wednesday?

Free Box Fashion Show pretty well sums up my Prom outfit! :lol It was the 70’s you know!