Potluck-n-pickn: Matt Flinner, Ross Martin and Eric Thorin (Boulder County 3/20)

we’ve been lucky to have the Matt Flinner Trio join us for a potluck once a year for the last few years. We’re about to get lucky again next Friday. We’re potlucking 7:30ish and music will be 9ish. Two unplugged sets up close and personal. They will be doing the Tour Du Jour - playing music in the evening that they wrote earlier in the day. We may also get first dibs on the new CD.

If you are interested in coming, check out

We all donate to the band, but since we potluck and everyone brings their own beverages it’s a great way to have a fun night of music without spending a ton!

So how was it? Big fan of Matt Flinner, I can only assume the Trio was fab.