Posts removed?

Anyone else notice that posts that may have been some what critical have been removed from the forum?

I’m not sure sho whould have done it but I guess they didn’t like what I said about Marty Stuart and couldn’t stand to see it on the forum.

Oh well.

I can promise you that I removed nothing due to your comments about any particular artist. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

That being said, I’m not sure where you posted, or what you posted…but I don’t know why it would have been deleted. :huh

If you would like to repost your anti-Marty sentiments, feel free. :lol

Marty Stuart wasn’t THAT bad, but his band was pretty good.

I remember they did a cover of something that we really great, what I don’t remember was what the cover song was :huh

Any ideas? I thought it stole the show, but, due to tequila induced memory loss, I just can’t remember what the song was.


Didn’t they do a Bee Gee’s cover? Like maybe “Stayin’ Alive”? I think it was somethin’ random like that.

Funny - I thought Marty did a great job last year. I think it was a Bee Gee’s cover his band did - and it was HOT!

The highlight of the festival was after his set, I ran into him wondering around. He was very approachable and indulged me in about a 2 minute conversation about his music and TN (he lives not too far from where my folks have a farm). Great guy.

And that stand alone hair!

Marty’s Marty and that’s that!

Marty’s show at Merlefest this year was outstanding. Now… where was the leather pants show? Was that last year in Lyons? Oh… wow… that was the SAME guy? :eek Those sure were two different experiences for me! Either he got really good in a year or I was in a much better listening and looking place. He came back on and played with Old Crow Medicine show.

:lol That is all too funny. I forgot all about last year.



I’ve got Marty in White leather pants at Stagecoach '07!!! :eek

I LOVE his guitar players outfit also! :pickin

(I was also fortunate enough to see the leather in Lyons too!) :secret