Pop Up Camper Question

I have read the vehicle vs RV distinction. 18 feet hitch to bumper. My pop up is 13 feet hitch to bumper and just under 18 feet folded out. So it feels like a vehicle pass is what I need to use my pop up. On site camping allows vehicle passes, so would that mean I can use my pop up camper? It would seem like yes, but I honestly don’t remember ever seeing a pop up camping in the on site camping. Can anyone confirm, does a pop up camper qualify as a vehicle? And can you use one on site with a vehicle pass?
Thank you

We’ve used our large pop up on-site, and you will be definitely not be the longest vehicle there. No problem with a vehicle pass. Good Luck!

I have used my hard sided camper onsite, but it is correct that you need a vehicle pass. If you can get one you will drop the camper off and then park your car at the farm.

Thanks for the first hand knowledge. Vehicle pass was found, we’ll be using the pop up camper next week.