Poetry Contest: Your poem in the 2011 TBF program

We had so much fun last year with all your festivarian haikus in the TBF program, that we wanted to do something similar this year. This is your chance to get your poem and name (if desired) printed in the TBF program for all 10,000 festivarians to admire.

This year’s poetry form is…

A rhyming couplet of no more than 16 total words that captures a favorite TBF moment in the past, present, or future

Your couplet can be about any magical TBF moment: performers, campgrounds, hikes, food, history, friendships, tarps, songs, jams, abstract or very concrete, beautiful or funny, whatever inspires you.

Here are a couple quick examples to get you started:

Sunshine over Ingram Falls / The resounding cry of “festivaaaaals”

Sam Bush tremolo on the mandolin / Everyone here is next of kin

Post your rhymed couplets in this thread. Please share as many as you like. We’ll choose approximately 20 couplets this Monday, May 23 to include in the printed program.

This first one is too many words, but I like it anyway.

Get out the gear, pack up the car
come on out it’s not that far
Set up the camp, let out the call,

This one is within your guidelines however.

All packed up and ready to go,
come on gang, let’s head for the show!

Watched Mumford & Sons play “Hey Jude,”
Did not notice anyone in the nude.

This won’t get out of my mind… I’ll come up with something more appropriate later …

With a deep bow to Monroe & the Broken Saucers:

Run a Muck is loaded in the truck
We’re ready to go and let you drive.


Dancing in the sun and the moonlight
Jammin’, pickin’ and groovin’ all night!

a rainbow in the Telluride sky / Emmy Lou thanks the lighting guy.

In the morning bagpipes play / we know the Tarp runs underway

from up on stage Sammy plays / hell yes we’ve been here all 4 days! +

Roaming the campground all night long
Do I hear birds singing? Time for bed. :zzz

Every show of Railroad Earth/Is a jolt of experiencing rebirth

five a.m the morning air
set yourself down in that chair

O’er the crowd, every note hovers / here we are, the music lovers

You go, jello!

One more, from the early risers’ contingency…

the tarp laid down, I’m in the groove
rest of the day, I might not move

Notes threaded like silver twine
While the sun dances with birch and pine

:clap :clap :clap :clap :clap :sunshine

We travelled here for our rebirth / In the most perfect place on Earth

Thank you, thank you, planet Bluegrass / Once again, you kicked my ass

in case you wondered, “In Craig we Trust” / His Festival will never be a Bust!

We remembered to pack it all, I think / Yes, even the Kitchen Sink

Festival is a Marathon, not a race / Pace yourself, or fall on your face

The scenery always makes me say “OOOooooo” / And the mountains aren’t bad too!

Lots of people make the haul / To come join in the festivaaaaal!

Let the bluegrass music be your guide / Down in the valley of Telluride

Lot of bands a’finger pickin’ / people movin’, people skippin’

While the sun beats down on you / Sing along with Emmylou

Over the stage goes the sun / Now it’s time for nightgrass fun

Monday morning pack your gear / See you again another year


The devil went down to Georgia lookin’ for a place to hide/Good thing he didn’t pick Heaven 'else he’d be in Telluride . . .

Or edited for brevity-

Devil went to Georgia, lookin’ for a place to hide/didn’t pick heaven, 'else he be in Telluride . . .

come share my tarp, enjoy the sun / buy me a beer and I’ll buy you one

Mr. Sound man pumped up loud / the tarps are filled by the awaiting crowd

bluegrass has us in it’s spell as Koto’s beer team rings the bell.

Telluride, music, fun and friends / oh god I hope this never ends

tired of this I’m going to bed can’t get these rhymes out of my head

The look on the mandolin player’s face / Can’t believe what he just did in this place

Crispy morning dew / o! what the day’s got in store for you

Rolling banjos, rolling water / Train the ears of my unborn daughter

Though they say that Jesus saves / Also give a listen to Michael Daves

RRE, Mumford & Plant at this year’s fest,
And for a pre-fest party, T-ride has the best!

The majesty He does provide / spread love and faith in Telluride