Please, only purchase tickets from See Tickets:


We now use the ticketing company See Tickets. We are not affiliated with StubHub or VividSeats or any other secondary market ticketing company.

We can only confirm tickets being sold on the forum that are purchased straight from See Tickets.

You can always call the office or contact and we can review the individual’s email to see if they do in fact have tickets for our festivals associated with their email if you are purchasing from a Festivarian that is re-selling their extra tickets here on this forum.

We cannot verify any tickets that anyone purchased through other parties such as StubHub ect. We have no way of verifying this and any of the receipts that these individuals have purchased before contacting us do not seem legit – especially when the receipt for their purchase says that they will receive the tickets the day of the event.

And all of these other ticketing companies are extremely over-priced – which is why, when anyone purchases these tickets from StubHub or whomever, it encourages these companies to inflate prices way above face value. Don’t purchase these and they won’t be successful at selling them and they’ll be less interested in scamming our festivals.

Please, if you are going to purchase a ticket from someone, you can ask for some proof. For camping and vehicle passes, they can scratch out the barcode before sharing it to you. Our wristbands are a receipt, and we won’t honor a receipt without proof of ID at the Box Office (as long as their tickets reads that their wristbands are scheduled to be picked up at Will Call). The receipts have order numbers as well. We can confirm if these are legit or not through our system.

We care about all of our Festivarians, we do everything we possible can to make sure you’re not scammed – please help us by not supporting these other ticketing companies that we’re not associated with at all.

Happy Shopping!

Does this apply to tix purchased in 2020 that are being rolled over?

Planet Bluegrass began working with See Tickets in 2019, the tickets you purchased for 2020 came with a receipt from See Tickets and are visible in your See Tickets account.