Please change the name

Of the festival to “Anything but Bluegrass Festival”.

What is this music? It’s not even country either.

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That’s why you always have to leave the Telluride in there. It is Telluride Bluegrass.


You didn’t check out the lineup before buying tickets?


By my count there were 20 Bluegrass and Country acts, and 7 others that weren’t able to be labeled by standard musical genres, but fill the folk, country, or bluegrass instrumentation. And even the bands who were the furthest from traditional bluegrass played a few bluegrass songs, and brought legends on stage to perform with them. It was an amazing festival, way to go PB! I’m really hoping this is all jokes, and trying to be funny. Otherwise like I said before, it’s not as if you didn’t know who was playing beforehand!


To the OP, I’m assuming you posted this during the Flecktones set. Most everyone would call the Flecktones a Jazz-grass fusion. And yes, its not even country in the least.

Sorry you feel that way, @jaredpaul, but those of us who’ve attended for many years (myself for the vast majority of the last 45), love the fest for what it is: eclectic as heck, but with a healthy dose of bluegrass holding down the fort. And seriously, Del McCoury isn’t bluegrass (to name just one)?

Nobody forced you to come either. Just sayin…

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