Place to stay?

HELP!!! My sister, her boyfriend and I (all newbie’s) are coming to the TBF. They got a golden ticket for the campgrounds, but that leaves me with no place to stay. Does anyone have a couch, a bed, or a comfortable rug where I could crash. I am willing to pay a reasonable sum.
About me, I am a musician wanna be who likes to laugh a lot. I plan on entering the Troubadour Songwriters Contest :medal so maybe I’ll get a camping spot anyway. LOL or ha ha ( as we used to say). Any help would be greatly appreciated!

It’s pretty early yet, so you’ll probably have a lot of options come your way in the next few months, but thought I’d mention this for you to keep in mind. I’m renting a condo downtown & it’s looking like there will only be 3 of us this year. Setup is for 5-6, so I’d be looking for another person to rent space. The place is very convenient & nice - 2 queen beds & a Q sofa sleeper. If you’ve been to T-Ride before, it’s between the gondola & the main downtown street - nice mountain view.

We’re 3 fun women from MN. I can pm you with details, when & if you’re interested.
Diana :fish
PS - You’ll have a great time no matter where (or with who) you stay!