Pix from TBF 2004

Hi, all–

One of my winter projects was to get all our photos that had been archived on cd back onto my new computer with its bigger hard drive. Now that they’re there, and I have an unlimited pro account with Flickr, I’ve been uploading a bunch of old stuff up there.

Yesterday, I uploaded almost 500 pix from TBF 2004 to Flickr here:


I picked 2004 since that’s when we met Xavier Rudd, whom we’re seeing again in town this weekend!


Nice pictures - thanks for sharing. There’s even one of my hubby and son when he was just a very small squirt.

Hey, we’re headed down from Portland to see Xav too, in San Diego. I’ve haven’t been able to make it everytime he’s been here since falling hard for him in Telluride and I just decided I couldn’t miss another tour of the states and those dates were the only ones I could make work. Are you seeing him in Tempe? And it’s a girls weekend sans small person to boot! Good grief I’m excited. Would love to see other festivarians while we’re there if perhaps you’re traveling over that way…

Wow great set of pics
thanks Dwayne

are we there yet ?

Quoted for truth.

Im here to testify …Say it from the Mountain Top !