Pictures from Telluride 2008 and Camp Run-A-Muck

Howdy. Calamity Jane from Astoria, OR here. I posted my photo essay of Telluride 2008 and Camp Run-A-Muck food festival on Yahoo’s list for Festivarians. I just found this forum. I’m not exactly a computer nerd. The photos are under the unoriginal title of “TFB 2008” in the photo section of the Festivarian list on Yahoo.
I have a new iMac and made a DVD slideshow with Peter Rowan singing Land of the Navajo for a soundtrack. You can watch it on your TV! I can send you one if you like. Just email me at, and if I can find your Email amongst the Viagra ads, I’ll send you one. (SNAIL MAIL ONLY, please…)
Listen to my radio show on on Tuesday nights, Pacific Time from 9-11PM. I’m still in the afterglow of TBF 2008. Thanks everyone! CJ

Here’s the direct link to her pictures:


:wave Thanks Tom :flower

I am in the process of gathering 35 photos for the Countdown to Rumballs page at If anyone has any photos that I could consider for the slide show please send me a personal message with the link. :thumbsup


I can’t see the pictures, you have to belong to the Yahoo forum
and wait for admittance. :rolleyes
Is there any other way to see these?

Nope… not unless she posts them here… sorry! :eek

long-haired kid in hat is Chris, one of the guys from Australia.
And Rhonny is painting in the background.