Pickers choice

Can any of you experienced festivarian pickers let a first timer in on the favourite tunes around the camp site please?
Blackberry Blossom?
Old Joe Clark?
Little Maggie?

That’s a good start so far,
other favorites are
Redhaired Boy
Cripple Creek
Wiskey Before Breakfast
Soldiers Joy
Foggy Mountain Breakdown
Long Journey Home
Old Home Place
On and On

There should be a category in the General Category section called “Picking”. I mean there is one on Hitching a Ride??? A huge part of the scene is the picking and getting together and jamming.

The section should be about when picks are held, questions about picking,or just your tune of the day.

Anywho, back to the original subject…
This is a good source. http://www.bluegrassguitar.com/top10.php

So Pickers Choice isnt good enough ?

Good enough for me Ron. I’ll be joining in so long as there’s room for beginners.

I’m truckin’ in from West Virginia, y’all throw a feller out fer pikn a few old tyme fiddle tunes?!? :huh

Looking forward to hearing them.

Heck no, bring em all We’ll pick with ya!!! :cheers

Sounds Great!! We Yall around the Festival!!